Training Course Dates!

Complementary Therapies training courses earn CPD points

Training Courses:

We aim to provide a variety of courses and workshops to which are therefore suitable for all learners.

These are relaxing yet highly informative workshops with a balance of theory and practical elements. Would you like to explore different complementary therapies, or improve your knowledge whilst gaining CPD points!

Train as a  professional Aromatherapist by enrolling on the  IFPA Level 4 Diploma course currently available at Shirley Price.

Workshops and training can be delivered at a venue of your choice and also tailored to your company needs.

Students receive a certificate from Shirley Price accredited by the FHT. together with a folder of comprehensive course notes.

Dates and prices for courses at Shirley Price School of Aromatherapy

  • tba –   Introduction to Indian Head Massage                                                £105.00              09.30 – 4pm
  • tba –  Introduction to Aromatherapy                                                              £105.00              09.30 – 4pm
  • tba –  Beginners Massage                                                                                  £105.00              10- 3pm
  • tba –   How to blend and make aromatherapy products for home use     £105.00               09.30 -4pm
  • tba –  Introduction to Indian Head Massage                                                 £105.00               09.30-4pm
  • tba –  Introduction to Reflexology                                                                   £105.00                09.30 -4pm
  • Wed   27th Sept –  Aromatherapy with Children                                                                £105.00                09.30 -4pm SP
  • Thurs 28th Sept – Introduction to Aromatherapy                                                             £105.00                09.30 -4pm SP
  • Wed 4th Oct  –      Aromatherapy in Residential Care                                                       £105.00                09.30 -4pm
  • Mon 16th Oct –    (5 days)  Module 2  Diploma in Aromatherapy level 4                       £500.00              S Price

Courses held at Ascent Therapies 9.30 am – 4pm

  • Sat 12th Aug –    Aromatherapy with Children                                                                     £105.00
  • Sun 13th Aug –   Aromatherapy during Pregnancy and Baby Massage                           £105.00
  • Weds 13th Sept – Success in your Complementary Business – day 1                                £210.00 for both days
  • Thurs 14th Sept – Success in your Complementary Business – day 2
  • Sat 16th Sept –   Reiki Level 1 with  the famous Master ‘Simon Tansley’                         £90.00
  • Sat 14th Oct – Introduction to Aromatherapy                                                                      £105.00
  • Sat 11th Nov & Sun 12th Nov  –    Reiki level 2    with Reiki Master Simon Tansley    £180.00
  • Sat 18th  Nov  – ‘Slow down day’ Special offer – a relaxed wind down day with Simon Tansley   £70.00


  • Chemistry of essential oils ( November) 3 days TBC  SP £285
  • Reiki – level 2 – this is Practitioner level and enables you to charge and treat clients accordingly.
  • Reiki – master  – allows you to treat clients and also train students to practice Reiki.

These workshops and courses are available at Ascent-therapies and at Shirley price Aromatherapy

For (full details) and further information on each course please email


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