Vetiver – Zizanoides 10 mls


Product Description

VETIVER  vetiver-zizanoides    (Base note)   Balancing, restoring and calming.

Vetiver holds deep relaxing and calming properties. Known as the ‘Oil of Tranquility’ in India, vetiver is an energy boosting oil which helps to strengthen the immune system. Throughout history it is recognised as a sacred herb from India and Sri Lanka, and commonly called ‘Khus.’

The Vetiver  Plant and It’s Components. 

Botanically, Vetiver or chrysopogon zizanioides is closely related to Sorghum.  Furthermore, it is a perennial bunchgrass of the Poaceae family native to India. In addition, other fragrant grasses, ‘lemongrass, palmarosa and citronella‘ share similar characteristics. The grasses grow up to five feet high with tall stems and very long and thin leaves. The flowers are a brownish-purple color. Unusually, the roots of grow downwards to an amazing depth of up to eight feet.

Used to treat: 

The most beneficial method to use Vetiver essential oil is through an Aromatherapy Massage. By penetrating the layers of the skin and entering the bloodstream, achieves a positive lasting effect.

  • A specialised abdominal masssage provides treatment for menopausal complaints and conditions associated with PMS.
  • Highly moisturising for mature and dry skin, it is hence used in Ascent Aromatics skincare range.
  • Used in massage it strengthens connective tissue, whilst at the same time, penetrating deep into damaged muscles.
  • Reduces high temperatures, place up to 10 drops in a warm bath.(febrifuge), therefore useful in the treatment of heat strokes.
  • Aphrodisiac – increases libido for gentlemen, thus is often used in mens aftershaves and in addition to the mens skincare range ‘ascent aromatics.
  • For the Mind and Emotions.
  • Due to Vetivers’s strengthening and restorative effect on both body and mind, the oil is able to soothe feelings of anxiety and nervousness.
  • Ascent advocates, both massage and inhalation to heal the mind and emotions.
  • Use sparingly, in a vapouriser or oil burner, as it’s heady aroma is very strong and hence, can easily dominate the blend.
  • To create a softer, warmer base note, mix with Sandalwood oil.

Recent research credits Vetiver oil for treating symptoms of ADHD 


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