Tea Tree – Melaleuca Alternifolia 10mls


Product Description

Tea Tree Melaleuca Alternifolia       Powerful antiseptic   (top note)

 A magical plant first used by aborigines in Australia

Tea Tree Melaleuca Alternifolia oil is produced from the leaves through steam distillation.

Since 1939 Tea tree has gained in popularity, and therefore  found in many everyday products such as toothpaste, and head lice shampoo.  Furthermore, an excellent effect when adding a few drops to water  to cleaning,  whilst  also an effective flea repellent in pet products. The oil is easily absorbed and travels rapidly into the blood stream, thus allowing the effects to be felt quickly.

Properties Immune system booster, disinfectant, antiviral, germicidal, anti-infectious, bactericidal.

Used to Treatand ringworm

  • Coughs, colds, blocked sinuses, put a few drops on a tissue and keep in your pocket.
  • Put a max of 6 drops in the bath to fight flu.
  • Fungal infections, athletes, use in a footbath or lotion based mixture.
  • The anti-viral properties help treat warts, verrucae, and fungal conditions such as candida (thrush).
  • Possessing a strong germicidal property it has instant effect for wound healing and abscesses.
  • Additionally use for burns, insect bites and stings.
  • Used neat for acne, spots, burns and bites.
  • add 2 drops to warm water and use a mouthwash for gingivitis, abscesses and mouth ulcers.
  • Apply undiluted with a cotton bud to treat cold sores.
  • Tea tree is the a very powerful antiviral and hence has an amazing power to boost the immune system.
  • In the home add 2 drops to washing up liquid to kill germs
  • Add to water when washing the floor – reduces –‘air bacteria’ by using 2 – 3 drops in a burner.
  • Head lice as a prevention – mixed with Tea tree and Rosemary, add to a shampoo base

For the Mind and Emotions

  • Used in a sauna room it cleanses the air.

 Medicinal oil with an antiseptic smell –


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