Juniper – Juniperus Communis


Product Description

Juniper Berry Essential Oil   Juniperus osteosperma or communis  Middle note  Purifying, stimulating and toning

The oil is obtained through Steam distillation the fruits (berries) of the tree, Juniper Berry Essential Oil has an unsurpassed cleansing and purifying action that works on the urinary, digestive, respiratory and nervous systems. It’s aroma is woody and has been likened to balsamic vinegar. Its powerful tonic action promotes the elimination of toxins. Juniper berry plants originate from Bulgaria and have a long history of naturally helping prevent both short- and long-term illnesses.

In medieval times it was thought that Juniper berries ward of evil witches. For many years hospitals in France burnt Rosemary and Juniper as a  prevention for patients against  bacterial germs and infection

Properties : over 87 different active constituent compounds, including strong antioxidants, antibacterial and antifungals, tonic, diuretic. Strong antiseptic.

Used for

Detoxification, cellulite ( use in massage )

Increasing circulation, arthritis, muscle fatigue, aches , pains.

Increasing urine elimination

Healing skin conditions as a tonic for dull, congested or oily skin



Sore throats & respiratory conditions

Immune system booster

Emotional Mind :

Stress, anxiety and general burn-out, an effective pick-me-up that also brings a strengthening and cleansing action that helps to dispel negative emotions such as insecurities.


  1. Cellulite ‘Make a massage blend together with cypress, fennel, grapefruit in sunflower oil for cellulite treatments.




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