Frankincense – Boswellia Carterii 5mls


Product Description

Frankincense (m)   – Rejuvenating and calming

Frankincense traditionally spiritual oil from the Middle East.

Frankincense oil is called ‘Olibanum’, It is obtained from a relatively small tree, the oil is white in colour and obtained as resin. Used in ceremonies and rituals Frankincense was one of the most expensive and valuable oils of the ancient world.  It was believed to drive out evil spirits.

Its unique property of slowing down breathing makes it inevitable that it would be used in respiratory disorders and also for meditation and prayer in churches. The other amazing quality is that of aiding skin rejuvenation and therefore excellent as an anti-wrinkle oil, evident in Egypt, where it was used for making rejuvenating face masks and also in the embalming process.

In China the oil was used in the treatment of tuberculosis of the lymph glands and leprosy.


Antiseptic: Soothing, sedative, calming, tonic for the lungs – a decongestant, refreshing, regulating, citrisant and a pulmonary antiseptic.

Used to Treat:

Skin: mature skin (anti wrinkle) balances oily skin, lack of tone and ulcers.

Aches & pains: used in labour to prevent post-natal depression. Also for menstrual regulation and inflammation of the breasts.

Respiratory – asthma: eases shortness of breath.

Regulates mucous. It is helpful for catarrh sufferers and for coughs, colds, bronchitis and laryngitis.

Emotional soothing and calming – calming and soothing: for panic attacks and anxiety.

Regulates erratic breathing.  Aids meditation.

Earache, rheumatism, skin complaints and hoof rot in horses!


The House:

Excellent mood enhancing oil used in the home in a burner or room spray.

Helpful for those have difficulty moving forward from the past and dwelling on things.

A fantastic oil to use in winter with citrus oil – although too much may be overpowering!


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