Osteopathy reduces Severe Back or Neck Pain.

Osteopathy reduces Severe Back or Neck Pain.

Osteopathy reduces back pain and neck pain by spinal realignment, whilst massage or laser therapy heals the soft tissues. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommends this as treatment for this condition. Many private health insurance provide cover for treatment which is offered at Ascent Therapies with ‘Back Pain Specialist’ Jim Chadwick.

After just one treatment, there is often a dramatic increase in mobility and reduction in pain.

Bulging inflammed disc

The vertebral disc in the spine is an interesting and unique structure. Its primary purpose is to act as a shock absorber between adjacent vertebrae. Spinal discs also act as ligaments that hold the vertebrae of the spine together and as cartilaginous joints that allow for slight mobility in the spine. There are 23 discs in our spines each has a fibrous outer layer and gel like inside. A bulging or protruding disc will cause pain in many ways sitting standing, moving and sometimes sneezing.   This nerve pain also can cause numbness and tingling sensations.

The aim of manipulation is to free restricted joints thus restoring the normal function and stability allowing the body heal itself.


  • Interferential – which produces a current which mimics the body’s natural electrical circuit which reduces pain and inflammation
  • Massage – to release and relax muscles. (Penny Howell, brogan Griffiths, Diane Thompson.)
  • Stretching stiff joints
  • Articulation, movement of the joints in the spine to increasing mobility.

Osteopathy isn’t usually painful, although it’s not unusual to feel sore or stiff in the first few days after treatment.

After care : advice on self-help and exercise to aid your recovery and prevent symptoms returning or getting worse.

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