Low Level Laser Therapy

Low Level Laser Therapy

Low Level Laser therapy is a non-invasive tool which promotes rapid, yet safe healing.

An amazing treatment which will increase healing time by up to 70% in tendinopathies.

Furthermore, Low Level Laser provides pain relief directly on an injury, over pins, plates, and fractures, without side any effects.

How does it work?

The laser works by supplying energy to the body in the form of photons of light. Cells within the body and absorb this energy, the cells and photons interact causing photochemical reactions. Viewed under a microscope the mitochondria work to create incredible physiological changes.

Rapid cell growth and faster wound healing

The laser stimulates fibroblast development in damaged tissue thus increasing healing time.

Increases metabolic activity

Helps the body increase output of specific enzymes, greater oxygen to blood cells and a stronger effective immune response.

Reduction in the formation of scar tissue

After tissue is damaged from wounds, scratches, burns, or ulcers, and after surgery.

Laser reduces swelling

Often caused by bruising or inflammation of joints which in turn improves mobility.

Stimulation of blood flow and lymph, hence promoting better circulation to any affected areas.

Numb or dead areas of the body can be stimulated which encourages rapid promotion of the process of nerve cell re-connection allowing a client to feel sensation again.





laser therapy

Low Level Laser therapy.

Client Comments

Fiona Wilson 27th February 2017

“Thank you Penny Howell for my laser treatment and amazing massage, 2 sessions and my pain has almost disappeared.  Thank you for the complimentary oils you made up for me to get me through my Far East adventure x”

Jane Fudge 23rd February 2017

“Once again the healing hands of Penny Howell at Ascent Therapies have been marvellous… certainly less soreness, since that amazing laser treatment….Hopefully, together with a trip to the dentist in just over a weeks time, and the continued therapy, I will be able to see the back of this wretched pain and discomfort….”

Murray Grimes 18th February 2017

“I hear you Penny Howell no running yet, thank you to you and your Thor low level laser treatment for helping put my ankle back to together again xx”


If you would like to discuss how this treatment can be of benefit to you, please contact Penny@ascent-therapies.co.uk or tel 07958 176421

To read more about the actual Thor Laser Therapy Machine visit www.thorlaser.com.








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