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ENERGY : many of us have heard people talking about energy, this is nothing new. s

long ago as 4000 years The importance of energy was recognised in India in Ayurvedic medicine.

The Chinese have a word for it – “chi ”  as in tai chi. Also in “chi gung.”  Both work  with healing benefits.

Feng Shui  works with it’s movements and flows.

The Japanese call it “Ki


Reiki  healing is a form of healing that tunes into Chi or Ki hence uses this energy and channels it.

The Indians call it “prana” and this is explored using yoga or certain types of conscious breathing.

The closest we have in the West is the word “energy”.

Energy is simply, the life force around and within us.  At it’s most simplest it is on or off, flowing or not flowing, ‘yes and no.’

Chinese medicine

Consider the  yin-yang concept, in chinese medicine is another expression of energy.  A flow of energy can be fast or slow, stagnant or excessive or steady. The energy flow can have steadiness, and  balance.


Many healers seek this balance through acupuncture, healing or any sort or energy work or medicine.

Many people are seeking this balance in our lives. Try taking a step back in your life. Many people become aware and recognise that their lives are out of balance. Here then is the opportunity for change, the opportunity for healing in our lives.

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