Attention ladies: danger FAKE TAN contains highly toxic chemicals


Attention ladies: Danger Fake tan: contains highly toxic chemicals: Try Tropic Skincare, give yourself a beautiful smile Tropic Makeup.

Danger Fake Tan, Today, the average woman uses 20 personal care products containing several hundred ingredients every day.  Even now, many often  the ingredients are highly toxic. Health experts are now concerned about some of the NASTY Ingredients in fake tan. The  two controversial preservatives known as parabens and formaldehyde!.

Elizabeth Salter-Green, of UK charity the CHEM Trust, warns:

“Even if adults aren’t harmed by the chemicals in fake tan, they are far more toxic to a foetus, thus causing problems much later in life.

Self-tanning lotions and creams contain…the active chemical components dihydroxyacetone (a keytone chemical)and various dyes. which directly causes irritation of the skin, or dermatitis. .Rare side effects include  extreme tiredness (after a treatment), a general feeling of illness.”


Impurities like arsenic and lead found in some coal tar colours can cause cancer. Research has proven  certain coal tar colours cause cancer in animals and many are toxic to the nervous system.

Conventional cosmetics may contain as many as five different synthetic preservatives. Parabens, which mimic estrogen dramatically disrupts hormones, which results in fertility problems and can also linked to breast cancer.  They re the most popular preservatives used in makeup.  Lead has been found in modern cosmetics particularly in lipstick.


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