Dangers of Eye and Face Make-up    

Danger Makeup Toxic Ingredients. Over many thousands of years, both men and women have painted their faces and bodies with colour. Long ago, the Ancient Egyptians outlined their eyes with kohl, a poisonous substance made from antimony.  The Greeks and Romans applied white lead and chalk to their faces to gain a pale complexion.

Looking pale became fashionable during the renaissance.  A mixture of white lead and vinegar resulted in pale faces, necks and bosoms. Vermillion, a red paint gave the lips and cheeks their red colour, yet this paint containing deadly mercuric sulphide. They finished off their faces by applying a talc based powder, to keep everything in place.

Some time later women became aware that lead cosmetics caused a variety of skin problems. In addition some women would apply a dangerous facial peel made from mercury.

Modern cosmetics

Natural colours are more expensive to produce than synthetic colours. Cheaper make up products produced from chemically synthesised coal tar. Unfortunately, cause cancer in animals as well as toxicity to the nervous system. Lead has been found in many popular brands of lipstick even in the last few years.

In reality, an average woman uses 20 personal care products a day. This equals several hundred ingredients every day, which contain highly toxic ingredients. In view of this ‘what should we use?’

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Danger Makeup Toxic Ingredients



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