Spring ‘Childrens Natural First Aid Kit’ contains essential oils

Spring ‘Childrens’ natural first aid kit’

Children’s natural first aid kit. Spring is approaching and children love to go out and play, inevitably suffering from bumps bruises cuts and grazes etc.

Ascent’s natural first aid kit is inexpensive.


Eucalyptus Smithi

It is decongestant, germicidal, analgesic, and bactericidal.

Eucalyptus Smithi is safe for adults and children alike to treat colds, coughs, sore throats,  sinus problems, headaches and fever.

Tea Tree 

The strongest immune system booster known to man.

Whilst being a powerful antiseptic,disinfectant, antiviral,  it is anti-infectious and anti-fungal.

Apply neat tea tree to cuts and grazes.

Gargle with a drop of tea tree in warm water for  sore throats and ulcers. Put a couple of drops on a cotton wool or lint pad if you have an abscess or toothache.

Add 10 drops of tea tree and 10 drops of Eucalyptus to the shampoo bottle to prevent head lice.


Brilliant for sprains, burns and bruises.

Apply neat to the skin for burns, bruises, grazes.

Use in a mix with a  carrier oil and gently massage the stomach for stomach ache.

Add a couple of drops to olive oil on a teaspoon for earache.

Lavender is the final safe oil and it is very rare for anyone to have an allergic reaction.

Use this oil to calm the nervous system.  Put one or two drops of neat lavender onto an your own or a  child’s pillow. Enjoy a  restful nights sleep.


Ascent Therapies stock a wide range of oils, blends and creams to suit your specific needs. To prevent problems with head lice visit Ascent Aromatics.

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Please don’t hesitate to contact us at Ascent Therapies to discuss your requirements.

Healthy children back at school!

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