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Can you say ‘No’ to unwanted requests and demands or do you find yourself saying ‘Yes’ on too many occasions? The Assertive person can say no without feeling guilty. They can express their point of view while respecting the views of others. Assertiveness is about open and honest communication and it is about setting boundaries so that others know where they stand with you.

Many people confuse assertiveness with aggression. There is a big difference. In the short term, aggressive people may appear to get what they want as they steamroller their way through life. But their brusque, arrogant attitude inevitably leads to major problems at work, home or socially.

The person with assertive skills refuses to be dominated and manipulated by their unreasonable attitude.

At the other end of the scale are people who display passive behaviour. Their indirect, unclear way of communicating their true feelings can lead to misunderstandings and confusion. Others often make decisions for them and self-confidence suffers as a result. In my work as an NHS Psychologist and private trainer and coach, I have found that a lack of assertion is at the root of many stress problems.

Can you learn to be more assertive? The answer is Yes you can! We all respond differently to situations and can be superbly assertive in the workplace but allow family or friends to take advantage of us. We can identify the areas where we can improve and learn practical techniques to build our confidence in tackling more difficult situations.

Helen Hughes

4 WEEK COURSE : HOW TO BECOME MORE ASSERTIVE – with Helen * Assertive Body language * Assertive not aggressive communication * Saying ‘No’ without guilt * Confidently expressing views, thoughts and feelings. £95.00 (4 weeks) to book your place, please contact or visit the following facebook event: Assertiveness Training

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