about us

We offer a wide range of therapies at our unique treatment rooms within Westbury Park Centre, Newcastle under Lyme.

We provide therapeutic treatments for most physical and emotional conditions whether resulting from an injury, chronic illness, post traumatic stress, depression and anxiety.

Beauty Treatments in which we use Tropic skincare products – facials, makeovers, manicures pedicures, and waxing. Enjoy a 1-to-1 Pamper experience or book Tropic Pamper evenings at Westbury or in your own home.

We have a shop selling Aromatherapy products, Tropic Skincare, Gifts, Supplements, rehabilitation equipment and also Eden Holistic Cat and Dog Food.

We offer current Diploma level training courses, one or two day professional development courses and introductory workshops.

Our team include

Penny Howell the founder of Ascent Therapies is our senior therapist and tutor. She is highly qualified in aromatherapy, reflexology, reiki, sports massage, and sports injuries. She is expanding her skills in nutrition and weight management.

Penny is teaching the Aromatherapy level 4 diploma together with many of our 1 day CPD (continued professional development) and recreational workshops. She is a Reiki Master and also teaches Reiki 1 and 2 Certificated courses.

email: penny@ascent-therapies.co.uk

Brogan Griffiths Sports Therapist ‘Brogan’ holds a BSC degree in Sports therapy. She comes from a sporting background with international experience and practices pre-event and post event sports massage and can help you with any injuries. She is currently training in Aromatherapy at Ascent Therapies.

email: brogan@ascent-therapies.co.uk

Berni Beeston is a highly qualified Psychotherapist. Berni has a unique role, alongside the team of therapists supporting them in the mind and body approach.   Ascent works on the belief that all physical symptons originate from mental and emotional issues. She is able to practise Reiki and is currently training in Aromatherapy to add to her long list of people skills.

email: berni@ascent-therapies.co.uk

Diane Thompson has been qualified for over 20 years with a wealth of experience, she has recently decided to return to  co work at Ascent Therapies. Diane practices Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Reiki. and is currently updating her treatments of injuries.

email: diane@ascent-therapies.co.uk

James Chadwick is a back and neck pain specialist. His contributions are invaluable. He is able to realign the spine, making adjustments to the vertebrae. He has many years of experience and uses inferential electrotherapy, laser and manipulation to free stiff joints anywhere in the body to relieve discomfort and lack of mobility.

email: jim@ascent-therapies.co.uk

Simon Tansley  Reiki Master has worked with Ascent for many years practising reiki and teaching reiki 1 & reiki 2 certificated courses and various other workshops. Simon also carries out house healing using Feng Shui and other ancient practices.

email: simon@ascent-therapies.co.uk

Lynn Sumner is an experienced complementary therapist who practices many therapies including reiki, emotional freedom technique, no hands massage and animal healing.

email: lynn@ascent-therapies.co.uk

Helen  Hughes qualified Psychologist and adult education tutor  20 years of experience in the field of Health and Education.

She teaches assertiveness, stress management, confidence building and anger management.Formerly,  Helen delivered training to organisations such as the probation service, East Cheshire Hospice, and the women’s management network and local authorities. She provides coaching for exam stress, driving, career, public speaking, and life decisions. Helen has skills in transformative guided imagery and visualisation to assist the client.

email: helen@ascent-therapies.co.uk

Louise keeps everything ticking over in the office with her fabulous administration skills. She takes bookings for appointments and training. Louise will also send you useful information to assist you in your life.

email: louise@ascent-therapies.co.uk

Our Aim

We are a unique complementary therapy centre based in Newcastle-Under-Lyme, North Staffordshire. We offer a wide range of life-enhancing therapies to people and organisations across the Midlands and North-West.

We continually develop and update our professional skills and share best practice across a range of specialisms to provide effective and high quality treatment.

How our team can help you…


  • A full consultation and assessment of your needs, followed by a specifically designed treatment plan agreed between yourself and your therapist.
  • This may include a combination of therapeutic treatments with an aftercare plan of exercise.
  • Advice on maintaining a healthy diet, nutrition and supplements.

Healthy Body

  • Increased energy and a stronger immune system.
  • Improved circulation, muscle and skin tone.
  • Improved performance in everyday life, sports and dance.
  • Better posture and increased mobility and strength.
  • Rapid recovery time from injury or illness.

Healthy Mind

  • Relaxed and healthy sleep.
  • A calmer mind.
  • Balanced emotions.
  • Reduced stress and anxiety.
  • A sense of wellbeing.
  • A sense of clarity and a positive outlook.

Healthy You 

  • Treatments promote deep relaxation and a sense of wellbeing.
  • Massage Therapy works positively for injuries and chronic conditions.
  • Deep tissue can be used alongside techniques such as electrotherapy and neuromuscular techniques.
  • Treatment mobilises stiff joints, releases and relieves muscle spasm and pain, and assists rapid and effective recovery.
  • A relaxing and rejuvenating aromatherapy massage with selected essential oils encourages relaxation, reduces stress levels and tension whilst reducing pain and swelling. This flowing massage helps encourages healing within the body and results in a renewed sense of well-being.

We aim to

  • Allow a wide range of people to experience the benefits of high quality complementary health care.
  • Educate and inform, encouraging responsibility for personal health.
  • Support the Aromatherapy Council in its work to bring in industry regulations, reflected in our high standards of care.
  • Provide facilities and professional guidance for student therapists.
    As a full member of the Federation of Holistic Therapies FHT We aim to follow their mission statement  “to represent and support complementary, beauty and sports therapists, promoting the highest standards in education and professional practice”.
  • Follow and promote the Codes of Practice and Ethics outlined by the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (I.F.P.A).


Select to download ambassador, Penny Howell’s and official Tropic Code of Conduct – Terms and Conditions